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Vacuum Erection Devices

A Vacuum Erection Device (VED) is a device that uses vacuum to pull blood into the penis in order to get an erection.

These devices are drug-free, non-invasive and well reimbursed by Medicare and most insurers.

To use a VED, you slip the penis into the chamber and activate the pumping mechanism (manually by squeezing a lever, or automatically by pressing the switch).  After the penis is made erect, a soft rubber like ring is slid off the cylinder to the base of the penis, keeping the penis erect as long as needed. The penis will return to a flaccid state when the rubber ring is slid off the penis.

This device is an option for men who cannot take oral medications due to side effects, contraindications, or because they do not work.  Many couples are very satisfied with using a VED due to the convenience and lack of side effects.

High quality VEDs include the Osbon Erecaid, and Augusta Medical Systems Soma Therapy ED. The quality of a VED can affect the results. There are also other good quality VEDs available at drug stores and online.

Pros: No medication side effects, non invasive, paid well by insurance
Cons:  Can be difficult to use, may decrease sensation