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Penile Injections for Erectile Dysfunction

Penile Injections for Erectile Dysfunction

Many men with erectile dysfunction find self injecting prostaglandin-E (PGE) works well for them.  This medication is also known as alprostadil. A tiny needle is used to inject a small amount of the medication into the shaft of the penis.  Within minutes, the medication causes the penis to get firm and erect long enough for enjoyable sex.

A generic form of the medication is available that has a limited shelf life and should be refrigerated.  A form of the medication that does not have to be refrigerated is available called Edex.

Pros:  Works very well in most men causing very firm erection.

Cons: Must inject each time, erections can be uncomfortable especially the first few times, generic version has limited shelf life.

How To Perform a Penile Injection for Erection

It is natural to be nervous about self injections, but you can become proficient with a little practice. 

Following are simple steps to properly give yourself an injection:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Prepare the PGE using the directions provided.
  • You may stand or sit to give yourself the injection-- whatever position is easiest.
  • Identify the injection site on one side of the penis away from the top, bottom or head.  You should also avoid any visible veins.
  • Use alcohol (either an alcohol prep pad or cotton ball soaked in isopropyl alcohol) to cleanse the skin at the injection site.
  • Pull the penis to one side so the shaft skin is taut, resting it against your inner thigh stretched slightly toward your knee.  Avoid twisting or rotating the shaft.
  • Insert the needle directly into the side of the shaft (at a 90 degree angle).  Inject the prescribed amount of medication into the penis by pressing down on the plunger slowly over 4-5 seconds.
  • Retract the syringe, dispose of it safely and immediately place direct pressure on the injection site to prevent the small amount of bruising that can occur.
  • You may now stand up, massage the penis a bit, explore in foreplay.  You should gain an erection within 10-20 minutes.  It should last long enough for sex and probably longer.

  • The first few times you self inject, your penis may ache.  This will improve after repeated use.
  • You may feel a mild burning sensation during the injection, but not severe pain.  Stop the injection if this occurs.
  • Be sure to select an injection site on the side of your penis.  The medication will not work if injected elsewhere.
  • Rotate injection sites to minimize the risk of scarring.
  • Seek medical attention if the erection lasts more than 4-5 hours.
  • Generally, you should not use an injection more than once per day.

Seek Medical Attention If:   
  • You develop an erection lasting longer than 4-5 hours.   
  • You develop significant bleeding or bruising.   
  • You develop severe pain.   
  • You develop curvature of the penis or scarring.