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MUSE (alprostodil)

MUSE (alprostadil)

MUSE is a version of alprostadil produced by MEDA Pharmaceuticals.  Alprostadil (also known as PGE) is a drug that is also delivered by penile injection.

It was found that this medication is also absorbed through the urethra (the inner lining of the penis), and this manufacturer developed an applicator that allows you to slide a pellet of alprostadil into your urethra which dissolves and causes an erection without an injection.

HOW TO USE MUSE (from the manufacturer's website)

Pros:  Erections caused locally without injection. 

Cons:  Patients may complain of urethral burning.  Ejaculatory contents may cause irritation to a partner requiring the use of a condom.  May not be reimbursed well by insurance.